Alyx was caught in the snowstorm + bonus.


"Crank" styled L4D screenshot:

Rate and comment please.

Nice +100500

I love the attention to detail in your posing. Nice editing on the first one.

Яate me bad spiling please

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whoa,I love this! Great job,man

Very nice. Both pictures. The boat behind Alyx is a excellent addition. Receive art.

I’m amazed. Originals?

    (It’s cutted)

(glances at first screen) Wow! A screenshot from H λ L F - L I F E ² EPISODE THREE ! I honestly can’t wait to play that game!

I mean, why wouldn’t that game look that way? We know the Source engine can do moving hair (fake factory guys proved it), and 3D water/ice/liquid effects (see E3 play testing footage of Portal 2)

As for the second one, what is Johnny’s motive for holding Coach hostage?

It’s a scene from “crank” movie, but in l4d style.
And it’s Francis

Sorry, I was thinking of this guy in real life that looks like him.

Wow, that L4D picture makes me want to give Coach a hug, I mean look at him!

Hot sauce.


Crank pic is awesome,make more :smiley:

great job

Great job. The texturing is very 2D, though. And the facial expression could be better.


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wish there were more gems like these in the screenshots, keep it up man!

Mmmm. Smells like “Some moron, who don’t know how to type on keyboard”