Alyx with long hair

I was searching in the forums and in but I didn’t find any skin or model of Alyx with long and untied hair, so I would like to ask you people if someone can make a skin or model of Alyx with long hair.

Yah, I was wondering about this. I wanted her to have her untied hair in EP2. Like in this picture.


Isn’t the hair made from 1-2 model parts? I think that’s why they didn’t untie her hair. If that’s true, then you would need to make a lot of hair parts and a lot of animation. I’m not sure …

How long? A big problem with long hair with video game characters, is how it behaves. Valve stays away from long hair because there is no easy way to do it in the Source engine. It will always clip through everything, or majestically float in certain positions. You can’t totally animate it, because Source characters use a lot of dynamic blending and tracking animations that would directly conflict with the long hair.

This is why everyone keeps hair above shoulder length in every Source game.

I want it for a comic, do you think that It will clip in a picture? I don’t

I found this one but is a nude model, if I would have normal clothes or Alyx’s clothes y would be perfect, can anyone edit it?