You know what… I don’t, I decided to play EP2 again, I got out the train, walked over to see where the door she ripped of the train went, looked around and she was gone. After looking up she was standing up there. I’m pretty sure people have tried to stop alyx in the past with crates/boxes/barrels and other stuff, she always gets past. But I think I’ve mannaged to get her stuck! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not a Garrysmod screenshot, and therefore does not belong in the Garrysmod screenshot section.

It doesn’t say anywhere that it has to be garrysmod.

It is in the Garrysmod section.

Ok, would a mod mind moving this thread to an appropriate forum section.


It looks like an NPC to me.

I hope you’re joking around, because he clearly said it was in Ep2.

And the Garrymod use the HL2:EP2, so he is using a gmod mod.

Uh no

Why does shit like this stay open, yet my simple TF2 spy picture got closed after two posts?

Because your “simple TF2 spy picture” went against the rules by having a non-descriptive title. That’s why it got locked. However, this thread should be locked too (if not for its unrelated image, at least for its non-descriptive title).