Alyxes and Gordons gun

[release]Alyxes and gordons pistol!

This idea spawned when I found the latest alyxgun skin, named ‘‘overwatch combat pistol’’.
Basically, you get two pistols, each with fire selection for automatic, burst and single fire. [/release]

[release]Overwatch Combat Pistol or '‘alyxgun’'
Has 28 bullets in a magazine but does half the damage than it’s conterpart. (16)


[release]Overwatch Patrol Pistol or '‘gordons gun’'
Does twice the damage of it’s counterpart (34) but has half the bullets. (14)


Known bugs
-Holding down the RMB (ironsights) while reloading will cause the ironsights to stay on at times. Press RMB again to reset them. To avoid this, release RMB before reloading (it’s not automatic).
Please tell me if there are any bugs![/release]

Worshipper - Real_CS base that I used
Dr. Zoidburg - animations for gordons pistol
Headcrab.particle_system - alyxgun skin
Me - Hexing, putting it all together, adding some extra code for the reload sounds

Oh, and the high res alyx gun skin suposedly works with the alyxgun. (if it doesn’t, please tell me)
Feedback is welcome

uuum…what’s the point of remaking the regular hl2 pistol? you already get one, you don’t need two.

Well, when I finished the alyxgun I realised I could put in Dr. Zoid’s pistol and get the usp as a machine pistol as well. Makes it a bit more interesting. The sounds and stats are different though.

TL;DR: For funsies, I figured if someone would want to do it at some point, I’ll just do it for them.

Why do people release stuff created from a base they didn’t even make?

Either way, I don’t like the alyxgun model and 14 bullets for the pistol makes no sense, since the original has 18.

Interesting aimsight with both guns. Cooler than if aimed through aimonsight (ironsight). I like it when guns are aimed like that way in the pictures.

Becuase I’m a talentless wart.
The creator of the alyxgun is making a V2, if he ever releases it I’ll replace the model. (right now it’s the actual world model put in) Since it’s going to be a long time till then, I’ll try to make my own SWEP base.

That’s odd, I already fixed that. Anyone else getting the same issue?

Both the guns eject both a rifle and shotgun shell in a single shot.

please don’t tell me you made these models, they are from fpsbanana so you should give credit to those people.

Uh, I did, the credits are at the bottom of the OP with links.