Alyxgun playermodel fix

I don’t know if this is a 5 minutes job or a difficult one.
Anyway,i’m here to ask for an alyxgun pose fix,what i mean is that valve developed the word model for alyx only,and when you use it as a wordmodel for the player,the gun clips trough the hands and is also a bit lowered than it should be.
Can someone fix it?
Here is the decompiled w_alyxgun.

“Why you decompiled it?”
Mainly because i’m a shitty lua coder and i used the pose parameter to toggle the pistol2smg animations easily,so,if you are going to fix the hand bone,can you check if the smg-mode also clips?
Thank you.

Also:yes,i tried moving the hand bone,but the result was a double alyxgun with mesh errors popping out of nowhere.