Alyxgun V1.0

A SWEP that makes the famous Overwatch Combat Pistol, or Alyxgun, usable!
Model by Valve
Animations by Dr. Zoidburg
Sounds by Valve

Fully Automatic
30 round magazine
Ironsights (Although there is no actual sights there)
Works with any Alyxgun skin!

Known Bugs:
No reload sound
There is still a grenade firemode, although I removed them it in the LUA file


Can it become a machine gun like in Obsidian conflict?

it fires at 300 rpm, so its not really a machine gun

Well can it still transform?

I think he means assault rifle.

Oh so someone ended up useing that animation after all? Neat. Gotta check that out.


Also note that there is a swep section. This is not it.

uhm… wut

There is a section for scripted weapons.

This section is for model releases.

the animation ruins it

should’ve sticked with default hl2 pistol anims

oh- yeah sorry about that im a fp n00b

EDIT: made a new one in lua section

Looks awesome.

It’s not a clip, it’s a magazine!

Just a quick question: Why do you have hi-res textures installed if you don’t run on a high texture detail/filtering.

it looks good!