Alyx's Gun in GMod

My friends and I play spacebuild a lot, and I’ve seen videos of an Alyx Gun Swep several times. I think the look of it fits spacebuild well, so I was going to put it on my server. However, the only ones I can find are broken (they don’t show up in the weapons menu). If there is a working Alyx Gun swep, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could link me to it.

A quick search on can yield at least 20 results.

I’m not stupid, I tried all of the ones on that I could find and none of them seem to work. I’m going to retry them again later today, but chances are they’re broken.

Or someone should learn to how properly install them.

I’ve installed tons of addons including ones far more complicated than this one. Besides, I just found a weapon pack that has a working one.

Not everything is in addon format.

I know, and I check for things like that. I’m sure I installed them correctly, and that’s final. No use using this thread anymore anyway as I found a working one as mentioned earlier.

Let’s all insult the OP until he solves the problem on his own.

I already solved the problem as mentioned earlier. There’s no point in bumping the thread.

I’m sure the Alyxgun was in HL2, but was never intended to normally be usable by the player. Viewmodel mods and stuff makes the Alyxgun have a viewmodel of its own and works fine (some mod on Gamebanana has a regular W_model style without a magazine that moves)

I wonder when the .357 Magnum will be 100% usable by NPCs? Because it’s listed as an NPC weapon but the NPCs don’t want to fire it because they don’t like the “python” animation prefix.

HL2: python
Human Error mod: pistol

Human Error has sounds for when it would be used by NPCs, when will that be added into GMOD as well?

EDIT: What is it, TylerB? Don’t want the Alyxgun back nor the .357 Magnum to be usable by NPCs and not be players only?

Related to this, I’ve seen threads about how the alyxgun (for npcs) was removed in gmod 10. If you ever play a hl2 map where Alyx is meant to use her gun, she simply stands there and there is an error about weapon_alyxgun not existing. Why was the alyxgun removed in gmod 10 if it was there in 9?