Am I a carebear or is night time... dull?

Doesn’t really feel like there is a whole lot going on at night. A few bandits here and there. People running aimlessly, but me myself, if im not randomly venturing off somewhere im usually in my house or someone elses house hiding and waiting for sunlight so that I have a better chance to defend myself. Lets face it, hunting and gathering are extremely difficult at night, going out is usually a death sentence unless you’re fully stocked on supplies and weapons.

It was different when the cycles were ~5 minutes or so, but now that they seem about 15-20 minutes I feel like I spend a lot of time waiting in my house doing nothing. Sure, im smelting outside, but it’s likely that a couple someones will come by and grab my ores. Which is fine, thats a part of the game, but I feel very trapped at night. Anyone else feel this way?

Try becoming productive at night, build at night, craft at night, etc.?

I try, but I suppose im talking about when I don’t have a whole lot of supplies (most of the time) I die pretty often due to someone trying to raid my home or disgruntled neighbors, so more often than not im waiting it out so I can get back to scavenging.

build a house with a tree into the side of it and just gather unlimited wood…

with a time to log ratio, thats just as dangerous as leaving to wander aimlessly for the wood. Someone will come along shortly even if im not making sound.

How is it dangerous if you cant die?

If there’s a door or no ceiling, you’ve answered your own question.

Then defend yourself? It’s not hard to filter out the hatchet murderers (unless they’re speedhacking, it’s a bit harder then).