Am I able to download the wiki?

So right now I don’t have internet at my place, and I’d like to work on addons or just anything like that. Is there a way I can download the wiki so I can have access to hooks, functions, etc?

I remember some third-party wiki websites that allowed dumps to be downloaded. Maybe even there was a tool for that.

Try Special:Export

Is there a way I can export all pages using it? I can’t see myself doing every. Single. Page.

Try it by category

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A list of every category

Doesn’t matter, when I try importing it to my MediaWiki on my web server, it takes too long and cancels. I’ll probably want to use a tool or something like Madrigal said.

Can’t you just hook up mobile hotspot?

Limited data, and my motherboard is weird, I can’t use wifi.

HTTrack comes to mind but it takes an awful lot of time

You can use internet via USB as well if that makes it a viable option.

I knew I remembered this being asked before

It’s close, but it’s not exactly what I need. I’d like to be able to have the entire wiki on my computer, preferably to be hosted on my own web server.

Try using a python web crawler/scraper. Will require Python and some knowledge of how to look at YouTube.

Best I can tell, that’s exactly what it does. What you can then host in your own web server will look like this: