Am I abusing my admin powers?

I host a server and have been trying to garner some interest. I’ve recently added extra loot areas, so I’m used to spawning items to stock them with. I don’t play on the server and really only moderate/add items for other players. A lot of the time there is no one on so occasionally I teleport to the farthest point of the map and try building structures. Not for myself just more to see what I can build or what to add that people might like. I never do it if I see someone is on. Is this classified as admins abuse? I’ve seen some people say admins spawning anything is abuse (I feel the term “abuse” is used very liberally now). Just more of a post asking people’s opinion.

There is no such thing as admin abuse, there is just player abuse. Are you abusing players by doing what you do? if the answer is no, let them call abuse all day.

Also, just so you know, there are creative servers where you can spawn unlimited wood/metal and build whatever you want. Good place to test base designs and toy around.

I posted this same question a while back, ill leave this here for you to look over.

Edit: People do throw admin abuse around pretty easily even if abuse did not really happen. It is your server, you pay for it do as you will. Just be warned, if you abuse your players your server will die quick.

I wouldn’t consider that abusive, no.

If I can’t go off into the extreme edges of the map on a server I pay for and just mess around…then there’s no point in paying for a server aside from personal control on banning the hax

I played on a server where the admin build some hidden metal buildings where some crates would spawn and it was awesome.
You’re not abusing your power, you are adding content. Everybody is free to find and take this loot. And you’re not even playing there yourself…

But what exactly do you mean with


edit: Eh, I think you meant the added loot. Well, helping other players out personally with stuff wouldn’t be OK if you ask me. Adding other crates for everybody to find is great.

I believe he means that:

Btw, I think you are NOT abusing your powers AT ALL.

Hehe yeah, got it a second later. :downs:

Its not abusive until you kill someone

People throw a lot of words around these days. It’s almost second nature to them. They get killed they scream hacker, an admin teleports to them… they scream admin abuse. a lot of normal things get thrown out of proportion. Than again most of people who snap are in the pre-teens so no big surprise.

Cool okay thanks for the feedback. I didn’t think it was abuse of any kind. And side note: yes I add loot, I don’t help out individual players.

No. You’re not being a badmin.

You are adding loot, to a map that you intent to turn into a treasure hunt type deal. I would think you are merely setting up the map for your intended gameplay. If anyone called abuse on that, they are idiots and you don’t want them in your server.

I love the sound of what you are doing, I did a hidden bunker type mission on mine once stocked with goodies, thought I hid it real well too, one intrepid explorer spent 3 hours straight looking for it and found it! Thought it was a great concept but I never got around to figuring out the best way of delivering it so it was balanced. good on you!

If its not hurting or effecting players in a bad or unfair way, i dont think thats abuse.

Off topic, but can someone give me an IP of a server like that? Been wantin to try new builds, just never have the ressources