Am I abusing my power as a admin?

I recently rented a server for Rust, I enjoy the game completely. The one thing i like the most out of all though is the building part. Would i be abusing my admin powers to spawn materials just build with on my server? I never keep any of the buildings, I never place a door. One of the things i built was a shanty town. Lots of shelters surrounded by Large spike walls. Probably 100 shelters all together. I thought that would be a nice PVP area. I’ve wanted to build houses all over the map to fill up some of the empty spaces and put in my own crates with random loot inside like the Rad Zones but i see all these posts about other admins abusing there power that i don’t want to get slotted in with them. What do you guys/gals think? And I’m sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.



It’s probably not harmful abuse, but it’s still abuse.

Abuse does not necessitate using something wrongly. You can abuse privileges.
If you do anything in game that you could not otherwise do if you were not the admin and has an impact in the world in any way, you’re abusing the power of being an admin.

Of course, if your server title is “Prebuilt towns and housing” or something, then people will be connecting expecting that specifically, and it wouldn’t be viewed as abuse necessarily.

You may be viewing it as not effecting the game, but consider this: part of the game is surviving long enough to build your shelter. If I stumble upon a prebuilt house and all I have to do is put a door on it, I’m bypassing a large portion of the “early game”.

No, but when I enter a new community server and the first thing I see is a giant metal base I assume admin abuse and leave. Just something to consider.

if you arent doing it to gain an advantage i dont see why not. If you are setting up an environment for the players to enhance their experience id say thats being a good admin. I believe the admins accused of abusing their power would be taking advantage of their power to retaliate if they got attacked, or kick/ban players who cross them. Basically unsportsman like conduct. I actually wouldnt mind seeing an admin do things like that, adds some spice to the game. change up the inevitable monotony that occurs once you get your house and stock pile sulfur.

It might not be a bad idea to put a note in the server description such as “prefab houses, random loot chests” or something to that nature to give people the heads up that you have placed items around for their usage

Id say yes, but not in a harmful way. Its not as bad as walking around with godmode on killing people, but it is still using admin powers to do something a normal player cant do.

Yes it would be admin abuse.

Worse yet it would lag the piss out of your server and it’s clients.

By that token ANY admin power is abuse of power. The abuse comes in when using that power in a way that gives you an unfair advantage. If the buildings and other items mentioned are open to the players to discover and use then thats quite the opposite of abuse. Its using the admin power to enhance the game play experience

The way i see it ( Which doesnt mean that im open to being wrong ), if an admin uses admin powers for anything other then doing admin shit like checking out hackers and the like, i see it as abuse. If a regular player cant do the same, i dont see why its fair.

This is not abuse as long as you make it clear to people who play on your server that you will be doing it.

Admin abuse is using admin powers to give yourself a leg up on the other players on the server. If you choose to make a server that has random towns and spawns, and you tell people that you are going to do that, I see no issues with it.

The only problem I see is decay. Any place that is not used for a period of time will break down and fall apart. I think there are mods out there that can turn off decay, but I hope you don’t spend too much time making towns that will eventually be destroyed due to inactivity.

As a heads up, the system determines that a structure is not inactive by doors being opened and campfires that are on the foundations. If you make lots of buildings with no doors, they will be inactive almost immediately.

I have been playing with the idea of adding the MOD to stop decay on my server. Thanks everyone for your input. You guy have all given me some things to think about also thanks about the title suggestion so simple i would not have thought of it. If i where to actually build the way i suggested it would all mostly be out past Hacker Valley way east so people would still have to survive till they explored that area. Again though thanks for the input.

No, that’s definitely not abusive. You rent a server. You maintain it. You should have certain privileges to run the server the way you’d like it to be ran. Building up shanty towns and allowing players to take up residence inside of those pre-built structures is NOT abusive. Anyone claiming it is abusive has never met an actual abusive admin. Your building adds a different aspect to the gameplay. I wouldn’t occupy a prebuilt structure because I enjoy a sense of accomplishment by putting time into my personal structure. But I can see the appeal.

What you described is perfectly acceptable. Now, if you spawned all the material for your own personal structure; that’s abusive. (Personally I’d even be fine if you did that, but it qualifies as abusive; albeit, on a different level than godmode admins and weapon spawning admins).

Do whatever you want on your own server

You neglect to consider that sometimes servers have communities of 8-10 people that don’t seem… you’d be surprised what can be farmed and built in a day… Rome, for instance.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s your server and it’s your money so as an admin you are free to do as you please, but don’t be surprised if players don’t want to play on your server.

I myself wouldn’t see this as abuse as long at it’s not built for personal gain. I myself am investing in a server to create a pve rp town for folks to come trade, craft, just gather. I expects folks to be off building in their own areas. But I want to build a community, not just a shoot you in the face steal your stuff. It’s all about what you want out of your server. Just don’t go giving everyone everything. Maybe only build the town itself, but gather your own materials for your own residence. Try to keep your game play separate from the towns gameplay. ie. if your not admining the server, be playing like everyone else, blend in.
Good luck and have fun, it’s what it’s all about.

I wouldn’t play on a server where an admin went around and built a bunch of buildings.

I would consider the fact that sometimes building stuff in random places to “fill the map in” may take away build sites for future players.

It’s your server … go nuts and build all you want. But you will quickly lose interest and begin looking for ways to populate your server with players (who probably perceive you as abusive).

Of all the servers I’ve built i really have not found any in the no mans land they are all normally packed near to the road or that general area by the water. Ive probably found a few in Hacker Valley or that far east at all. But again thanks for the insight. Oh and also when i build i don’t use metal buildings. Only wood.