Am i allow to record rust?

Am i allowed to record rust?
or there is rule that say i cant record the alpha test of rust?

I’m gonna guess by the fact that there are 91 posts on this 6-day old thread about people who are streaming Rust on their own channels, you are not going to be in trouble if you stream Rust.

But you should’ve read what you agreed to when you signed up, because if you did sign an non-disclosure agreement, you don’t know what’s in the NDA you signed.

considering garry used to give keys to well known youtube personalities (he doesn’t anymore don’t ask him about it) i assume you can probably record it and upload it where ever

to avoid making this retarded post you could have gone onto youtube and looked up gameplay on rust, but if you want your question answered. Yes you can make videos for rust.

I was looking on youtube, saw some videos of famous youtuber’s.
but i’m not famous, i tought they have a special permission, you understand me?
i want to be sure in 100% that i’m allowd to record rust and upload to my youtube channel.
thanks for helping.

I think you are allowed to record and post rust’s video on youtube or twitch

You have to pay $1000 to garry before youre allowed to do that. You even get a gold membership for this forum with it for free.

He was just asking a question, stop being a dick.

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But what if, theoretically, you weren’t allowed, and those people were breaking the rules. It wasn’t a dumb question, yes you can record your gameplay but he was just making sure.

You wont get a key, by asking if you can record to say you’re a youtuber for this community. That may be why you’re asking, >;3

You can’t record rust. You must record rust.
I mean, the more popular rust gets, the more time will be used to improve it.
This happened with Minecraft.

  1. Instead of just saying “yes, duh”, I pointed to the best evidence I had available on-hand: A thread that has surely been seen by the mods and not locked for breaking the rules after almost a week, with plenty of streamers. I checked the sticky and it didn’t have anything that specifically said, “yes, you can stream”, so I used the thread instead.

  2. If he didn’t read what he agreed to, he’s still responsible for the consequences, and if he’s that concerned about it, he should’ve reviewed the information the first time it was presented to him instead of creating a thread just to ask the question. However, now I’m starting to talk like I’m a mod or something, so I’m gonna quietly abandon this paragraph before trouble follows.

When was he asking for a key, stop being a douche and answer his question with an answer that will actually help or just dont comment.

no you can’t, if you do you’ll get fined of approximately £2500, gg bye.

Don’t hate on him, you joined FP just to get a key.