Am I allowed to advertise my server here?

Don’t want to get banned for it so I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance.

If its darkrp, then go to the rolplaying section, if not, sever hosting (i think)

Says in Server Hosting Section rules you can’t advertise.

I think you’re allowed to advertise a specific event/competition on here but not just the server’s existence.


But yeah as above poster said you’re allowed to advertise RP servers in the RP section

Events are fine; server advertisements themself are likely to be closed for “Crap thread” - from what I’ve seen anyway.

I’ve advertised my server a couple of times - no punishment.

Greenlight, as long as you keep it in it’s own thread and not spam threads for it.

Long as you are not advertising a dedicated server like you see all over Half-Life 2: Deathmatch where you lag each step.

Lets find out.
I’m not going there anyways.

Just realised an invoice for my server is due in a week and I’ve decided not to reknew it so I won’t be advertising.

Thanks anyway.

Should be fine.