Am I bad for doing this?

So I went on a fairly populated server with a mate and we went into radtown and saw two fresh spawns, on this server you can start with a ‘starter kit’ and they shot at us with their bows and we also had bows, then out of nowhere a full Kevlar (clan tag {GOD}) dude appears and shoots the two fresh spawns straight away, my friend had bolted it at this point so I started to do the same, I ran round the corner and there he was aiming at me, I begged him not to kill me as I had just looted radtown and got some decent gear, he said ‘radtown is mine I see you hear again and I will put you down’ so I just legged it.

Later I saw him again at his base near radtown and went to talk to him, he said want to join me, I said yeah just so he didn’t kill me, he said ‘just build here’, so I said ‘okay’ and said I was going getting some supplies, I ran to mine and my friends shelters not far from his base or radtown, we decided to forget about this guy as we had no chance of killing him. All you could see in chat was him and his mate killing everyone (this server had kill messages) and in chat they kept on stating ‘radtown is ours, stay away’ so later me and my friend wandered over to radtown to see if they were still there, they weren’t, I had just got a drink irl while my friend guarded me, just as I got back, shots came our way and my friend was now dead, it was these {GOD} guys they said watch it next time that guy was creeping on you, anyway one of them had got my mates gear and had gone to meet him while his mate said ‘come with me’ so we headed of to kill some people apparently.

He then turned to me and said ‘watch my body, I need to relog’ I told my mate and he said ‘kill him, go on do it’ I knew this was a trust test as he didnt even log, he said ‘never mind’ we carried on up a hill when he says it again ‘gotta relog, cover me’ my mate shouts at me to kill him, I couldn’t do it, but my mind focused on his gear that I really wanted, so I got out my P250 and started blasting away at his head, he came back just as I started shooting, and as he turned around to shoot me but the last bullet went into his head, down he went. I was now geared to fuck, all that popped up in chat was ‘You wanna know how fucked up your gonna get’ I just ignored him and ran back to my shitty shelter to wait for my friends return, so I did a horrible thing to take out a horrible bandit, am I a bad person?

omg i almost felt asleep while trying to read.

So you made an enemy?

In Rust?


Is grief all people ever get these days, I’m just sharing my experiences on the forum because its one of my rust highlights, a bandit trusted me to the point where he logged out in front of me, never happened before and probs will never again

How did it make you feel?

Good and bad are just a matter of perspective. You’ll get as many different answers as there are replies.

I felt relieved knowing that I had taken out a person that had killed many players for no reason

Ha! I just found this whilst looking for your profile. Ah this was a good GOOD day for us on rust. Isn’t this the server we are still on? Which we played on last night?

Lmao… Naw people do worse.

Just another day in Rust. Man if I had 100 Ore for every dude that came up to me yelling… “Heeey Heeyyy Im new! Got Food?.. BAM!” Shotgun to my face.

~ C

But he did have a reason, people entering rad town.

Obiously he wasn’t just recklessly killing everyone because he didn’t kill you. He was just defending his hometown.

AKA you are the reason people KoS, not him. You trust 1 guy and BLAM! he shoots you in the head with a P250 when you’re not looking.

I was with him on this venture. We were planning on killing them anyway as we just saw them popping off people all round the rad town without reason. After all he did have full Kevlar and an M4. This got us some serious loot for a new spawn and kick started our base on this server.

Currently we are trying to be nice to all we come across however, we have been betrayed by one person so far who we trusted with a gun. Essentially what happened in KillerHaydn’s above post. I don’t think you can trust anyone anymore really.

The. Longest. Five. Sentences. Ever.

welcome to rust m8, shit like this happens every day. Moral of the story being you can’t trust anybody unless you already know them eg steam friends etc

edit: he probably would have let you build near him, gather up a bunch of stuff then he would have raided your base to get free resources

You use “,” too much. Just an advice :slight_smile:

Most anticlimactic story ever.

Reminds me the time once when 5 guys were raiding me, lucky me they were Russians, we became “friends” and they let me sleep in their house, I built an unprotected house and put a few beds in there, went back saying house still not safe and I need to go, they let me in and at night I came in the server, blew everyone’s brains out, blew all the C4’s they had to get to the roof, jumped down. Died. Respawned, stole all the loot and got rich as hell.

I don’t know if you actually read it but I said that this guy wanted to go and kill some people and he dragged me into it and if I would have said ‘no I’m not doing that’ he would have put me down. My only option, is to put the HIM down which is what I did!

Point is people don’t KoS because others KoS, they KoS because they can’t trust people. You’re feeding the mistrust.

Honestly, you’re a dick for doing it. That said, you are just playing the game. I basically have my own RoE.

If I see someone, I pull my gun and tell them, “Friendly. Stay there.”
If they pull a weapon, I shoot.
If they don’t pull a weapon, I tell them to identify themselves.
If they refuse to identify themselves but stand there, I shoot. (They are probably on TS getting backup.)
If they identify themselves and I hate them, I shoot.
If they identify themselves and we have a cordial conversation, we have a cordial conversation.

Oh, and I never turn my back to anyone. Even as we part, I walk backwards until they are out of range.

Wonderful story, nope you are not a bad person. :smiley:

I controlled Rad Town once. With a group of friends. I didnt KOS though.