Am I banned or what happend?

Here is a screenshot of what Rust tells me right now it seems like a ban message. If it is a ban message, why am I banned? If you can help me my in game name is HoNeYbAdGeR9298, and yes I have tried refreshing and restarting my browser multiple times. I also have recently looked at the other posts about the same problem and I’m getting the same stuff like at first it said “chad holds” then I refreshed and it said “Your connection is banned”

It is just a bug. Expect this to get fixed. And no you are not the only one.

Are you banned?

“Your connection is banned.”
is there something to not understand about that???

Anyway; they implemented speedhack banning, and it could be you were speedhacking, or it could just be a false-positive ban, there have been many reported.

I wouldn’t have posted this if I were speed hacking because it would be obvious why I was banned. Also, I was questioning the ban because I didn’t know what it meant by “connection” banned and it says “refresh browser to reconnect” which seems to not be a ban due to the fact it’s recommending to reconnect.

there is a thread about this already