Am I getting Ddossed?

Hello there, I recently got a server up, its been fine for the fast few weeks, then in a middle of a game, my server just gets: WARNING: Connection Problem.

It’ll spike everyone every 5 seconds, restarting the server etc does not help.

Am I getting DDOSED? D:

Might be a problem with your addons or gamemode. What server is it?
If you think it’s a DDoS you can allways ask your gsp to confirm that for you. But if it just restarts, it’s probabely not a DDoS.

Have you installed any new gamemode/addons lately?

If you where being DDoS’d, you’d be getting way more than a few lag spikes.

Stonedpotatoes has been under on-and-off DDoS attacks ranging from 150mbit to 950mbit for the last month. We rarely get lagspikes.

You guys have a high grade server box.

OP most likely doesn’t.