Am I legal to play?

I guess what i’m asking is I sign up with my friend who gave this 0000000 key, And was told its ok everyone seem to be using it, However am reading into a lot of player getting banned for using this key or not be able to play.
Was I meant to Pay for this game or Apply for spot or something this is first time i’ve signed up to something like I just like unity web games and when told about rust a told my friend i’d like to try this and so he found us a Key.
Now am not sure if am legal to play cos of the issue I read with people who use this 000 key. will i get banned for this or do i need to pay something to stay here,

Not sure if this help but i get this message as well.

VerificationException: Error verifying Facepunch.Load.Group:.ctor (Facepunch.Load.Loader,Facepunch.Load.Job): Cannot take the address of a init-only field at 0x0035
Unity initPlugin

Thanks for any Help people can give and I understand if I get banned for Piracy or somthing.

The game is updating, it’s not online. And I’m using the 000000… key and I’m fine.

yeah what he said

The 0000000 key was a beta key at one time…so if you used it you should be able to play, but then again i might be wrong.

And i need to get that key to…

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It’s definitely not legal, no. It’s a key used by the devs to test the game on different computers and operating systems. I’m not sure who leaked it, and I don’t even want to know who’s using it, but they are in big trouble. What makes it even worse that when using any beta key, they can backtrace your IP in a matter of seconds, find out your home address and send local authorities immediately. You may not got arrested, but I’d be amazed if you didn’t face a hefty, hefty fine.

Okay this Rust shit is getting to a whole new level now.

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Its sad that people can’t be arsed to read rules, check other threads, instead of that they go make a new thread straight away.

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Well thank you all for the replys mean a lot too me in finding this out as I do not like Piracy and believe in Pay your way, I guess I should have looked into this myself before getting the key off my friend.

as stated before I understand if they wish to lock or remove this post and if am banned for Piracy of the key,

It really is, without the theme you could barely tell this forum is Facepunch anymore.

Pirating a a key… heh. The keys were free anyway (although I got a legit one, no 00000 whatever) It’s not a huge deal, no cops will come (lots of joking around going on in this forum)

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To give you straight answers without snark or in-jokes, yes, you’re fine. The game is currently being updated and is offline though, so both you and the rest of us can’t play right now. Everyone has to wait until the game is brought back online by the developers. And I highly doubt you’ll be banned or otherwise punished for using the 0 key, so unless something suddenly happens to only you, don’t sweat it.

Hope that answers your questions.

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