Am I properly using propper?

I am so impressed with this tool, amazing.

But, although I can use the models it make fine in hammer, when I try to spawn them in Gmod they spawn, but are invisible.
The prop IS there, I can run into it, throw melons at it, drop it on combines etc…

The folder I save it in is hl2 ep 2, then I just copy the materials and models into their respective folders in Gmod.
I’m pretty sure I copied all files correctly, and I have realy searched for the answer on the net, but invisible props don’t seem to be common.

The problem is you don’t understand propper.

Using propper to use game props is lazy and stupid.

It’s designed to make brushwork into models to cut back on brush count and help optimization, in some cases.

If you really want to make models for Source, learn a modelling program.

I know exactly what you use propper for. All I am doing is making things like a simple pillar into a prop. All other models I make in milkshape.
I have hit the T junction limit as I am making an extremely detailed map based on a real place. I’m also using 80% of the hammer space, and so instead of redoing all the brushwork like tennis court fences, I just want to make them a model.

I was wondering what the problem was with models being invisible. I can’t even use the texture tool on them.

Ok, the props work great in ep 2. I’ll see if I put files in wrong places.

Problem sorted.

It was all working great, all I did wrong was that I looked in the wrong folder in gmod proplist.