Am i the only one experiencing this bug since the new interface?

Okay this bug is anoying since i cant choose almost any servers to play :frowning:

When i try to scroll with my mouse wheel nothing moves(mouse wheel scroll works in every other app), but when i click anything the slider goes down and stays there, i can move it up but it still goes down like some key is pressed all the time(and it isnt)

Is the list not a drag list ?

i tried draging as you can see in the video but it just goes down

anything i click it just goes down

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Bumping this with another bug, chat still doesnt work

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Guess im the only one, fml

Getting the same here.

Nobody know why i guess

Its because it is still loading servers to the list, as seen on the left side. Its auto-pulling down to the bottom of list because you have it sorted by ping.

  1. Wait for all servers to load.
  2. Double-click ping to re-sort servers by ping after all are loaded.

No. even when servers load i still have the same problem, i managed to scroll by clicking on empty space above the slider and draging down, that actually pulls slider somehow up ind it stays there, weird. Thanx for posting