Am i the only one getting the "Sending Client Info" problem?

Here’s how it goes, I open up Gmod, as usual, and connect to one of my favorite servers. Trouble is, the first server I connect to always stops loading at “Sending Client Info” with it displaying the loading bar stuck half way through.

The game doesn’t crash though, I am free to click the cancel button on the loading bar, with it working.
You might ask then, “Why cant you just reconnect to the server then?” Well you see, the server accepts my client info, but doesn’t let me in, so any further retries are blocked with “Steam Validation Rejected”.

I have two options after all this happens, I either wait a long time for the server to auto-kick my presence, or go to another server.

This problem also happens in Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Source

Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Delete clientregistry.blob and restart steam.

Will do, be right back with the results.

It has NOT fixed the problem.


I’m getting it too.

Server restart/change map seems to fix the problem temporarily for me


To me it happens only on certain maps.

Ive been having this problem on TF2 since i bought it.

But alot of people with the same brand of router, Thomson, are having trouble with Source games and connecting to servers.

Im going to ask for a different brand router.

I’m getting this too. I usually wait a long time. But in that time, I do something around the house or use Steam overlay’s web browsing feature.

That’s what I’m trying to fix though, so that we don’t have to deal with that crap at all.

Accidentally rated you “late”, sorry bout that.

Still getting this on some maps… Started happening around a month or so ago.

it happens to me too, and it’s very annoying

It could be the niggle i just posted about in the niggles thread.

It is with TF2, HL2DM, CS: S, GMod, Even on GoldSource engine games…

It is a connection problem…

It is unfixable, I think…

Wait until you time out, then rejoin. Tadaa, you are in!

i dont think its your computer,happening to me too around…3 days?only on certain servers though