Am i the only one that wants to remove all guns and go for a Medieval setting instead?

I like to shoot. But there are enough shooter games out there.
what could make Rust more intense would be a Medieval setting instead.
The same controls as the Elders Scroll games.
The amount of weapons would dwarf what we have now. And the game
would require more cooperation than it currently does.
This way, you could also easier implement skills and levels if you wanted to. Mods could handle that part.

A Medieval setting would also make it easier to add monsters.

I see less limitations with a Medieval setting than what Rust is today.

This is not the game you are looking for.

Seriously I don’t get the god awful suggestions people are coming up with. If you want the game to be completely different, then go play another game or make your own.


I wouldn’t mind at all…however…the majority here just wanna run around like this is BF or CoD so don’t bet on the game going that direction. I wouldn’t be surprised if 6 months from now we have tanks and fighter jets patched in.

These are just my personal opinions. No need to take it to seriously with insults. This is just
what i feel about the game since there are so many shooters out there.

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My thoughts exactly… And than rust will just be another bf game…

I predict Rust will always going to have firearms, but they should all be** hand-made**. This is very much of end-of-the-world type survival game. As far as technology, I wouldn’t mind Mad Max style quad bikes or buggies for transportation. It’s better to keep the game low-tech, with basic guns, vehicles and explosives. But that’s up to the developers.

The game is what it is, but I would expect ‘Caveman mods’ and ‘Medieval mods’ for the final game. Why not?

@OP. No.

I would appreciate a game that provides evolution. That way you get more time out of it. Right now with a team, or just by yourself you can achieve base + m4 + kevlar in a matter of hours. It’s Alpha, so it’s obviously nowhere near final release, so I expect the progression of items will change as we live and learn in Rust. I just hope that at the end a server can progress through stages that takes several months until you get to BF4 style gameplay instead of hours.

I just want dinosaurs

Velociraptors stalking around Radtown

Pterodactyls roosting in my towers

Triceratopses chasing me home at night

just the simple things in life

This, this is what it should be like. It should be like Empire Earth in Rust form. We start out as cavemen and progress to some sort of advanced technology. It would be really interesting to run the entire gamut of technology from stone age to space age.

This is not the forums you are looking for.

Welcome to the forums of a game that is only 10% made and the purpose of being here is to give ideas.
A completely different game? Rust will change in the future.

There should be a Soviet age in there somewhere. For some variety.

There’s no Soviet age, just Soviet era :slight_smile:

People love throwing around that 10% figure. When are we going to make the cataclysmic leap to 15%? 20%?

I bet we’ll still be seeing that number tossed around in 6 months.

There could be. I can see the Soviet Velociraptor platoons now…

“We feel like we aren’t making it clear enough that the game is Early Access. Rust is still in development. This isn’t 95% finished, like a regular beta. This is 10% finished. We’ve got the bare bone foundations of a game here. We’re still developing it.”

-Garry Newman, Status Update #2 January 30th, 2014 aka the very last status update we have received.

How many % units do you think they have finished in the past 29 days? Maybe people are throwing around that figure for a reason. Like, because it’s the last figure offered in the MOST RECENT status report.

Oh, I know.

Hindsight will be 20/20 when that same figure is still used in 2-3 months.

In my opinion, the important thing is that everything in the world of rust should somehow match together. Having Dinosaurs and high tec sniper rifles (or even any other modern weapon at all) at the same time is BS. Either make it another Zombie-Mutant-Alien-Survival-Minecraft-DayZ thingy or chose another path with dinosaurs, cavemen, etc.

Chose a path and walk it consistently would be my recommandation. Whatever that path may be. Slowly but surely the developers must have a clear vision of what they want without too much back and forth. They started with a mixture of DayZ and Minecraft. Now after so many people bought the game, is the time for a clear vision and an own path. Listening to the community and somehow develop the ideas “together” is great, but have the last word and do it your own way.

Just make sure people are somewhat interested in that ‘own way’ of yours. Otherwise you’ll be the only person buying your game.

Sadly people forget whats the whole idea of early access.