Am I the only one who things endgame gear should be easier to get?

I’ve only been playing a few days, but what I really like about this game is that once I have a few stones to scratch together I can start building my M/C4+Kevlar.

Yes it kinda sucks to get home from work with an hour or two to play this awesome game and know that my door will be gone and everything I had (Probably from all 3 houses) stolen. But starting from scratch every day isn’t such a big deal with the current state of the game.

There seems to be an extremely vocal section of the playerbase campaigning for rare items, long grinds to the top, and broader permanency. But I hold counter this this. I believe Rust should stay easy-come easy-go.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

EDIT: I went over the body of this post at least 10 times looking for typos and I missed that horrible on in the title…

yes :slight_smile:

In the future if there is a few different kinds of kits or armor that you can get that leads up to that holiest of holy, that would be cool.

But you are correct… you can get wiped out and currently be back on your feet and kicking awesomely again after an hour or so, even solo.


No you aren’t… the longer the climb the harder the fall. The more rare and expensive (timewise) the items are the more attractive raiding will become and the harder it will hurt to be raided. The harder it hurts to be raided the more likely the player will quit afterwards, making the game even more unsustainable than it already was.

Lengthening progression is alright because you retain it through death but making items harder/more expensive to craft is not a good idea imo.

It’s true not everyone has a lot of time to play, and logging in to a base raided is never fun, being able to be back on my feet with an mp5+kevlar in sometimes less than an hour is good for me, If I lose that, it’s fair game because I had a chance, I hate all the offline raiding and how passive aggressive people play currently, I agree that it should be quick to regear if you have all the BPs, which it is, so it’s fine for me currently