Am I the only one who thinks Facepunch owes its customers a sit rep?

I’ve checked social media and garrys personal twitter and there is no information about what is going on. I’m sick of hearing speculation from the community and it would be lovely, considering we are the customers who have paid for the game and helping to support it if the devs could at least have the decency to make a formal post about what is going on, how long it could potentially go on for, what is being done to resolve the issue and just a general Thank you for being so patient message.

Please don’t make the same mistake other games make and not keep your customers in the loop about updates and bug fixes. I’m sitting here and I have no idea if the issue is almost fixed or if they have not even started working on a fix. 1 day or 1 month till it is fixed? Is it too much to ask for a formal post regarding status?

…have you just plain not been paying attention to the front page of They’ve given us a pretty detailed analysis of what’s going on, step-by-step.

Did you check the official rust blog?

or their facebook or their twitter or anything

I think you are missing the number one page for everything

They gave us one yesterday, and I think it’s reasonable to assume that the “sit” hasn’t changed, so there’s no reason to “rep” it. They’re working on dealing with the DDOS, and they’re putting out updates that they think might help.

Check the main game page, for goodness’ sake.

Are you not looking here? This is on the same basis of what you’re going on about. They’re trying very hard to squash this, so be patient.

I do not mean to be harsh at all when I say this, but if you’d done any amount of reading. It’d be quite apparent that the current situation has to do in part with some random French individuals (I just like to refer to them as script kiddies) who have somehow decided to pitch a fit over the fact that the server software isn’t being made immediately available to everyone and their dog.

This despite the fact that it was hinted that it would be released in the future when the game was completed and out for general consumption.

Like the above posters have said, I think they’re doing a pretty damn good job at keeping us updated.

I am sure we have all seen AAA companies who have given less updates.