A'm i the only one who wants a "Garry's mod" tab in "source SDK"?

is Garry even thinking of adding one? it’s kinda boring to have to create and test a game on HL2DM and play it on Gmod.

PS: i already made one my self but it didn’t work feel free to check it out and see where i done wrong and if you do find a mistake please reply to this thread :slight_smile:

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Ty and have a nice day

I support this.

We dont need one. Everyone uses CSS

That’s the point… i want a dedicated gmod tab so we don’t have to change the map location and start gmod to try it.

PS: gmod and css use different engine versions.

Sounds usefull

It would be useful until you realize that all your materials in your gmod/material folder are being replicated in the Source SDK material search.

maybe if it was done by garry it wouldn’t have that problem

I still don’t see any real reason for this, regardless its a valve matter not a garry one.

garry has some power over this matter. he is the creator of this mod.

You can always do that manually but it won’t mount CSS or other game files = no css files only hl2 and gmod addon models that you currently have. You have to copy all the files into your garrysmod folder.

Yeah, but he’s not the creator of the Source SDK

the only advantage he has is having a bit more of a voice to Valve if he made a request

Like I said before, we dont need one. If you are sick of ‘moving the map’ then change where it saves the map.

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Gmod and CSS use the same engine right now.

What stops you from doing this?

CSS/Ep2/Wutelse files can be easily mounted.

did you saw the video? i did it but it didn’t work

What windows is that?

Why are you using Source 2006 and not Source MP?

ok i got it to work.

Just a side question…

Do you think that valve screwed up hl2 mp games by changing the engine to Hl2ep2?

What are you talking about. Change your source SDK to Source MP, then use the default config and change where the map saves.

i’m talking about the “huge update” that CSS had on 2011 that made allot players stop playing css.

Yes i’m saying that CSS Old is way better than the new one. even with the achievements.

Personally. I think your just too stupid to add a custom configuration. So you just decided to whine about it.

Isn’t the bigger issue with having a gmod specific config, the fact that most other source games don’t use the same addon system, which makes it more or less impossible to load nonrooted content?