Am I The Only One?

I’m just wondering if I am the only person who truly does miss admin/easter egg rooms in maps? I really do. I don’t think all maps need them, but it was nice when they were there and you could see how a mapper would go to some cool lengths to hide it away and it was fun to try to discover them. Even in singleplayer I enjoyed finding them and messing around with them. However I talk with a few people and they really didn’t like them back in the day. Like, they really hated them.

Many people dislike them just because of minges, and most people link it with DarkRP. Although I gotta admit I smiled when I saw the hidden room in gm_construct for the first time. :3

Easter egg maps are okay as long as they don’t give stuff like super admin guns or a giant bomb that kills everyone.

A nice hidden room is okay.
I personally liked them.



Construct is a good example of how secret rooms should be.

Secret rooms never stay secret for long in gmod, too much noclip and traps are easily removed with Lua, it’s not worth the mappers time.

If I were to add a secret room, it would be in the source of the 3d sky box, or at least just outside of it.

Like downtown_v2?

I like whenever there is some well-hidden areas in map and enjoy finding them. Basically I can find any secret using console and nothing more. No hacked VMEX decompiler, no lua support. Final Des~ I mean, I really miss these maps. Nowadays I can’t find any worthy map with secret places. :frowning:

I actually got my brother to destroy all the triggers around a toilet to find the easter egg at gm_atomic
I really like these rooms