"Am I the only proffesional here?" Spy having fun.


I’m ok with it.

And a little bonus.


Right below the little show.

Use stickies, not TNTs.

8 Stickies won’t blow the floor up :stuck_out_tongue:

To be truthful, I was looking for the det-pack, but couldn’t find it, so I used dynamite.

Hehe! I saw that image in the expirimental section where you view latest uploaded images! That is pretty funny. I think that that is pretty cool!


Nice posing on the Spy and the Sniper.
Dunno why but I feel the posing on the scout is bad.

Also on the bonus the face is well posed.

the scouts left hand is clipping through his goddamn head!

No it isn’t.
That’s his headset.

it does look like at first sight though. too bad tf2 sucks. at least for me.

Thanks, and I think the scout is a little stiff and that’s what your seeing, but who knows.

well, IIRC, in one of the older trailers, the demo had dynamite, which was removed later.

Yeah, the detpack. Like I said up above, I couldn’t find a textured one, so I used dynamite.

Sniper is not amused.

Heavy is jealous.

Did you guys seriously bump a two month old thread?

this one did yes…

Yes… Sometimes, it need to be alive.