[AM] NEW PVP|MsfT|NoSleepers (guaranteed no admin abuse!)

So we just got burned by the Krusty Krab’s shitty admin abuse and decided that we should probably grab our own server if we were going to avoid that sort of thing.

We want to play the game as intended (minus sleepers). No best buddies getting spawned-in items. No artificial controls over your game play. Bring a friend and attempt world domination.

Administration is responsive to both reset requests and new patches.

It would be awesome if you’d try not to KOS nudes!

damn this server looks up my alley, i just wish it had sleepers. also what is MSFT

Clan I run with. Placed there as an easy identifier so our folks can find it (because what else are you going to call a server? / it was a spur of the moment decision driven by being burned).

Sorry about the sleepers thing. We took a vote. :slight_smile:

Np. Good luck with server. And I know you won’t let it go to carebear mode!

Thanks! We definitely won’t.

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Server updated 7:00am this morning, freshly wiped.