Amata Almodovar Fallout 3

As the title says , im requesting this model for GMOD


Hopefully someone will do it.
Thanks on beforehand

Btw Heres a tutorial for Fallout 3 ripping , I just cant follow it, im stuck with it , but if you want to give it a shot and help here it would be apreciated

One- Shes really ugly, why would you wan’t her?
And two- Hoiw did you get here out of the vault? Dlc?

Modding , lol

Women don’t have to be really sexy for you to want them in gmod. Maybe he wants her for a pose or movie. And two, she leaves the vault when you complete “Trouble on the homefront”, in which all the vault residents leave at the end, depending on what choices you make.

Yeah but you wont meet her again except in that enclave random event and she ends up hating you with this mod she appears at the bar , you can apologise for everything if you did something to her (Sabotaging the vault and/or killing her father) and she can go with you as a companion

its really cool mod considering the game should have had the option of keeping her with you from the beggining.

Anyways , anyone care to take the request , im trying to get the models from the game in .obj files , but i just can get the standart male lone wanderer , i cant get amata…

I you think that she is ugly why do you want know how to get her out of he vualt?
I don’t want amanta specificatly just the vualt suit.

I want both lol

I thought she just said she would make preparations to leave but never does. Or do the vault 101 people leave in Broken Steel?

I think they all leave in broken steel.
i had this mod on so i cant know if it was the mod or the dlc