Amateur Camera? Is this updated? Working?

This looks really cool I tried installing it. I put it in addons but it just isnt showing up anywhere. Tried finding a post here on it to see if its updated or anything… No such luck.

If its not updated any chance someone could pick it up? Or mimic it?

Side note.

In that video on noticed the civilians have a skin that makes them look just like every day people anyone know were to find this?

That doesn’t look amateur. That looks rather AWESOME!

anyone know anything?

These are the closest things I found for normal clothing skins.

thanks man! Now just to find a decent camera for super 8 style handheld look. I Hope someone updated this or makes a remake.

Hate to double post but im really trying to get an idea here. If there is addon similar to this one.

Sent you a feedback about it on YouTube.

Also, these skins was made by me (on video, not on link)

I could try to update/fix it. I’ll do it when Gmod is fixed ._.

That would be awesome! all tho the post above is the owner of the addon I think. But he also messaged me and said he didnt really have plans on updating so if anyone could re-kickstart it it would be awesome.