Amateur Camera: New Edit v1.0

Hello everyone! Yesterday i have maded new camera SWEP. Actually, this is my first serious SWEP. Previous (Little Grenades pack) was failed. Ok, what is Amateur Camera: New Edit?

[release]Name: Amateur Camera: New Edit v1.2
Authors: HunteR4708 (Making SWEP code) Empty_Shadow (Part of code was stolen by me for camera shakes)
Version: v1.2
Description: Just an amateur camera, with realistic shaky effect (Part of EmptyShadow’s code)[/release]
YouTube Video:
Version 1.2 features:
-Smoothy zoom
-Spawn Icon
-When you press left mouse button chat displays the message: “Action!” (Oh my fucking English :slight_smile: )

What will be in Version 1.3?
-8x zoom
-Camera shake when something explodes nearby player
-Overlay or new HUD elements

P.S. If you will use it in your videos, please, put link in this thread.

nice. I’ll use it in my machinimas :slight_smile:

What the fuck man.

When did you think it was okay to re-release my stuff without asking.

I’ve just used your shaky camera code! Sorry, i forgot to add credits. You will forgive me for this? :slight_smile:

You didn’t think it would be a good idea to ask for permission before you take my stuff?

I’m normally relaxed about people using my stuff, but you have to freaking ask me.

Sorry, i forgot to ask you… So, i need to delete this release?
I want to continue this SWEP…

Instead of using his code, look up the functions his code uses on the wiki, and then write something similar yourself. Either that, or you could at least have asked for permission first.

Yes you can keep working on it, PM people you use a fair chunk of code from before you release in the future though.

If you took someones lua who’s more agressive than I am, you’d be in shit right now.
Never release other people’s work without explicit permission.

Thanks! I will edit this thread and add you as camera shakes code author. I am new to Lua and i am searching in GMod Wiki for camera functions.

Just make a sentence at the bottom of the first post saying, Credits to Empty_Shadow for part of his code.

This is absolutely great, Thankyou HunterR7408 and Empty_Shadow. Putting this on my server now :slight_smile:

Hey, well i tested your SWEP. Its cool. I got afew suggestions:

  • Make the zoom bigger (if it is possible, i dunno)
  • If the person is running, camera should shake more (running-like shake)
  • Could zoom react when you press E and move the wheel it will zoom depends in which direction you are scrolling (i hope you get my idea)

(Sorry for my english, im just learning)

I am Russian (Yeah yeah i know, some people don’t like russians) and my English is not good too :slight_smile:

I’ll make 8x zoom, with smooth effect. When you pree R (Reload) zoom resets.
Camera will shake more (MOAR SHAKINESS!!!11 xD)

E and mouse scrolling? Nice idea but it will be hard, because i am new to Lua.

Wait, this is a video-camera or just a camera?

75% of this “Thankyou” going to Empty_Shadow! :slight_smile:


Just camera. But you can record videos with Source Recorder, Fraps, GameCam and (Oh My God!!1) Hypercam.

Well, im from Slovakia so, i don’t hate Russians :).
The “reset” of the zoom could be enough for the time being, when your skill will improve in Lua you will add E and mousewheel as a zoom :slight_smile: i think that would be sick. Keep up the good work!

this is awesome… i use it all the time for just walking around, gives a better feel
when you zoom with the camrea, it should quickly go in and out of focus like a real camrea

that would be epic

I know, i like zoom bluring! But, i don’t know how to make it blur… Maybe, overlay? Like underwater texture.

Right now, camera have reset function and smooth zoom.
I need to make:
-Spawn Icon (Easy)
-8x zoom (Medium)
-Zoom Blur (I don’t know, how easy it will be)

You dont know how to make a simple blur, yet your release a whole swep?
Oh the irony…

How exactly to I get Rid of the camera? When I die, the camera model is fused to my model’s hands, regardless if I even have the camera or not. So if I die holding the camera, I end up holding the unless I restart.