Amateur Camera

Example video, sorry about the quality.

DropBox v1.2 v1.1

Constant slight shaking (scales up great when you zoom in a lot)
Different shaking based on movement, try running! Then try falling!
Can still take screenshots!

Recommended ‘co-mods’

It’s basically a copypaste of the normal gmod camera, so you’ll still have the same screenshot/roll/zoom features, but with added amateurness!
Credits: Primarily Garry, I just did a few things in the think function to make it shake.

Awesome. :razz:

I might make a ‘drop your camera’ function.


Well damn dude, you’re definitely going into the special thanks for this


Hmm, it’s not showing up in my weapons list, dunno why

I might have screwed up with the addon.
I didn’t test it as an addon, so I prolly fucked up :stuck_out_tongue:
One minute.

You can toss the camera now. Press E and it’ll fly out of your hands still recording.
I haven’t found a way to give you back your vision without picking the camera back up though, so it’s a bit of a pain.

I fixed it by moving “amateurcamera/weapons” into “amateurcamera/lua/weapons” :smile:

Anyways, it works great; just got a question, though, is it possible to speed down the shake? It’s a bit too fast for my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

(and by that I mean, which variable in your code controls that?)

Here’s my request list for the next version :stuck_out_tongue:

  • When noclipped and standing still, have the same amount of shake as “standing still on the ground” (it feels like you’re falling down right now)
  • Smoothed movement
  • Options panel with amount of shake, stuff like that
  • Weapon leaves your playermodel wielding no weapon (hands by the side)

Answers in bold

Great :v: (I really only care about the first thing anyways)

Options panel means… something under the Options tab with a slider to control the shake amount or something (but a console variable can do as well as this)



I haven’t done anything with the gmod menus. I’ve looked at it and it confused me. :[

You can see the dropping function here.

I’m experimenting with delaying the ‘bumps’ and it’s not going well. I might need to do a hacky method :confused:

Putting in delays made it look really ugly. Sorry, not happening.

Perfect for machinimas. Thank you. :love:

This, pretty much.

1.2 released on dropbox.
Better tilts, etc.
If you experience bugs after zooming the camera, press reload to set everything to default.

Omg, Usefull! Thanks