Amazing Art

I just wanna share this amazing picture made by a a rtist on our server. He painted it for two hours!
The artist is SizZer on server : Rustaddicts | Nowipes all credits to him! i was hoping this might come up in community update : ) he deserves the attention.

I voted yes, because I like boobs.

Subject matter is cheesy but that is great art and line work, no doubt. Voted yes.

seen better boobs;)

also, as a nurse i have concerns about the amount of jaundice those young ladies have;)

Nipple placement is a bit off. Likely drawn by someone who’s seen far more anime boobs than real life ones. But nevertheless, I approve of that image.

11 yes votes! cool! then its not just me who thinks this is a good one!

botched boob job

I think this guy may have been the plastic surgeon…