Amazing Base location!

A bit of a lack of action in this episode, i do apologise for that.
However we do find an awesome base location and build a cheeky little base!
For us, it’s pretty good. It’s still there a week on.

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How is this Amazing? It’s hilarious what some people find to be “AMAZING”.

After 8 days our base hasn’t been touched, No one has even come close to us.
There is very little access and for that we even have great plans.
So, don’t judge what you don’t know!

So you know that it’s never been visited because you have stayed up for 192 hours straight? Clearly your server is unpopulated or your base isn’t even worth raiding. You do realize that before people raid a base they do scout it out and look through walls to even see if it’s got any loot in it?

Alright calm down, i enjoy doing these videos in my spare time and uploading them to this forum.
No need to take it so seriously, if you’re not going to say something constructive then don’t speak at all.

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I wouldn’t exactly call it amazing since it is right on top of a mountain, not very hidden either.

Why are most people on here a holes? He’s proud of his base? what’s the fuss?! If you have something bad or horrible to say why spoil his fun?!

Some people on here honestly!

Have a look down through the forums and look at some of the posts people are putting up. No big deal but you get these guys coming in here thumbing down every thread saying “dumb” etc

So childish!

Nice base dude!

Pretty weak location I’d say, no room for expansion, not hidden enough, and intruders can easily raid it. I would not rate this more than 2/5.
Also, it’s too far away from the radtowns and all good resourcespots, so you can’t easily scavange either.

Why do you call this “amazing” is my question?

If we go down one hill there is hacker valley, if we go down the other side there is a rad town. I don’t know what you are talking about.

Great Video man! Ignore the hate, i really enjoyed it.

Great series, subbed.

Thanks a lot both of you!

Np man, keep up the good work!

Pretty mediocre to be entirely honest.

I know where you have built and it gets raided to hell on my server.


  1. Server is underpopulated
  2. You have nothing to loot.

How do i have nothing to loot? explain…

I think the general consensus is:

Congratulations, you built a decently hidden base. It’s not really special, by any means, but certainly better than a towering fortress in the middle of an open field.

My biggest issue is with the video itself. I know what it looks like to chop wood and kill rabbits, I don’t think many people want to watch resource gathering for 10 minutes before they get to the point of the video, you know?

10 mins? the video is 9 mins 48 seconds???

Okay well since you don’t seem to understand exaggeration (I shouldn’t be surprised) then I’ll simplify.

I don’t want to watch you gather resources.

K, don’t then