Amazing Computer, but Graphics are Occasionally Terrible

I have an amazing computer. I can play GTA 4 on it’s hishest settings and I will be able to play Battlefield 4 on it’s highest settings, but occasionally, when I’m playing TTT on Garry’s Mod (also on it’s highest settings) my graphics randomly deteriorate. Guns that looked real 5 minutes ago look like plastic toys. When I restart Garry’s Mod my graphics go back to their normaly very high quality. What is causing my graphics to randomly deteriorate, and how do I keep my graphics the way they I set them?

Send me a picture of your graphics options, might be a DirectX problem. Also, have you started up CS:S in the past month or so?

I’ll just post it here for now.

Sorry if it is a little big. I couldn’t change the size.

Right click Garry’s Mod in your steam library, go into the properties, and find the launch options. Once you’re in there, put “-dxlevel 95” without the quotation marks. Press Ok, and start the game again. Your hardware DirectX level should be v9.0+ now.

Do that.

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Like that

I will try that now. Also, ty. I have adjusted my post accordingly.

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I just did that. Everything went smoothly. I will have to play Gmod a bit before I know if this solved the problem. Also, this may be a bit off topic, but Is there anything in my video options that I didn’t do in my screenshot, that would make Garry’s Mod look better? In other words, Is there any way that I can turn up the graphics even more?

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I just started up Garry’s Mod again and I noticed that it is now forcing me to start Garry’s Mod with different settings. I tried to set everything back to normal, but it keeps starting with these settings…


Pretty sure I was having the same issue until I removed the -dxlevel 95 line from my launch options.
Your DirectX level should stay as it is right now when you remove it though.

Worked like a charm. I’ll mark this thread as solved tomorrow if I don’t have this problem again.

In the mean time…

Here is a screenshot of what the “maximum” graphics settings are.

You can set your HDR, motion blur, and FOV to whatever you want, they don’t relate to “high graphics” settings.

Also, remove the line -dxlevel 95 now that’s it has already forced it.

Thanks man. I’ve allready removed the -dxlevel 95 thing. I’ll see how everything works tomorrow.

Everything works fine. Thank you both for your help.