Amazing Game and some feedback

I purchased Rust about 2 months ago. It is very addicting. At least it is in my case. I find the game approach to be unique and I really like the teaming aspect that it drives. I have friends and family members that play the game with me. I have also been tracking the development blog. I find the statements about progress and quality of code very entertaining. This is especially true because I work with a Silicon Valley company and I think that our developers would like to express some of the sentiments expressed by Rust developers.

As the quality of code is critiqued I have to imagine that it pains the original developers a bit. They actually built an amazing game with some of the best interaction that i have seen in a multi player world. I have had dreams (sometimes nightmares) about the rust world. When I drive in my real neighborhood and I see a rock or a pile of wood I want to get my hatchet out. I think that there are so many places to go with this. It could be applied to an old western setting, a pirate setting, or many other team environments.

I really dislike the hacks. I experienced one last night which was extremely frustrating. The player was able to run and hit me from behind even though I had been sprinting. He was obviously using some type of speed hack. Many people accused him but the server did not seem to have an admin paying attention. I don’t blame the software. It is really sad that people reduce themselves to hacks and ruin the game for everyone.

I also have a concern about language and names. It prevents many kids from playing the game. There really is no need for some of the chat language. I would almost like to see certain words banned from names.

It has been extremely frustrating waiting for the new version. Maybe frustrating is the wrong word. I love the game so much that I cannot wait for the new version to be working.

I do appreciate the weekly updates showing progress. I suspect that the experimental version will be usable in about 4 weeks but that is pure guesswork on my part.

Good luck with completing the workable version and going on to more great content.


The way i see it is that kids should not really be playing a game with this amount of violence. any parent who allows their child to play Rust would be considered, in my opinion, a bad parent. i do agree to an extent that there should be some sort of language sensoring just to stop vulgarities, but let’s be honest, how are you going to get around that when it comes to close quarters voice chat?


also, i don’t believe addicting was used in the correct context, the word you are looking for is “addictive”.