Amazing Game!

I just wanted to say to anyone involved in this game’s development that might happen across this post that I’ve tremendously enjoyed my time playing even at this very early stage and I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for Rust. It’s easily apparent that nothing about development is being rushed and that appeals to me as I believe quality takes time. The minimalist visual presentation of the logo and interface are fantastic as is the realism and lack of crosshairs. There’s so much more I could add but you get the idea. Keep it up Garry and team! I’ll certainly be along for the ride throughout the process and long after the game goes gold.

Ah Dude <3

yes the game has been very enjoyable… and im excited to see the upcoming developments… i hope yall add more teamwork inducing aspects such as farming, a clan system and such… its gonna be so fun!

Really is a great game! Love it so far and I cannot wait for more iterations and updates!