Amazing Racetrack (with save) + TF2 tank

My latest track, this is an attempt to create a track that looks great and still maintains a low enough prop count to be usable on a server.

The track is usable with both jeeps and airboats, there are 7 airboats in the pits and 7 matching jeeps in the spawn area which can be swapped if so desired.



First corner, into the forest

Right hander into a long curve towards the city

Chicane into the city

City courses are made up mainly of right handers so heres the first

Next two right handers

Down the long straight to the double left handers

Into two double right handers

Right / left with a large open area in between.

This now enters the canyon area, long right hander


Straight, right kink, straight

Final chicane

Onto the pit straight

TF2 Tank

After seeing the TF2 heavy mech someone else made, I remembered the old TF2 tank I built on gm_construct, I decided to build a new tank on an offical TF2 map.
Here is a drivable TF2 Tank I built. Jump onto the side of the tank to enter the tank via the turret.

Enter fires the main gun and . fires the hull machine gun

This is not an addon for Team Fortress, this is just something I built in Garrys Mod on a TF map


Ok I don’t want benji to ban me so STOP WITH THE MOTHERFUCKING TRACKS


sorry I could have said that nicer don’t hurt me :frown:

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angus, your stuff isn’t so good anymore, why?

The track is a track, I don’t see the problem, but yeah the TF2 take could use a lot more detail.


Also the quality requirements for the contraption forum have pretty much skyrocketed in the last few years.

make it hologram now

welp, it’s just that angus is known for much more detailed things. The tank isn’t that great.

well, it’s a TF2 tank. So naturally it would look a bit cartoony, which I think he pulled off quite nicely.


My original TF2 tank was cartoony looking. I decided that this one should be done similar but built around an airboat to make it drivable and should be built to a size that would make it usable on a Team Fortress map

The only reason I came to this thread was to see the damn TF2 tank. I are disappoint.

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Are you talking about my TF2 mech? I’m flattered.

You were talking about this incomplete mech right?

I like the race track, nice to see someone do something other than building cars, planes, and other such nonsense.

the tracks pretty cool, can’t say the same for the tank.

i am no disappoint

I made a frog and a bunny and a hover-penis and a barrel-dragon and a pogo-stick and a superman pod <=3

Angus, I love you, I kiss you. Add me on steam so we can race sometime.

2 suggestions

  1. jumps



2.7)build me a race course for planes, small ones.

I may add some jumps and obscatles to the next track I make. But if im gonna add you on steam I could do with your steam name lol

don’t back talk me, son. the name is rakurin.