Amazing so far... but something is missing (written by a geek)

This game is going to be amazing. It’s only in Alpha, and I can’t get enough of it! With that being said, the geek in me isn’t totally satisfied… I need some lore. I need to know the story behind Rust, why are we living in the world we’re in? What happened to it? As it stands right now, there aren’t many games that allow the sense of immersion into the world we’re playing in like Rust does. I just want to know more!

I completely understand that the game is in Alpha and maybe the dev team has decided to push the “lore” to the back burner to prioritize functionality. I am writing this in the hopes that since I am a new player that maybe they have already dropped bits and pieces of “lore” and someone could maybe bring me up to speed. If the dev team hasn’t yet created any story backdrop yet, I want them to know they have a fan who is really excited about this game’s potential!

Just think up your own story, create yourself a character inside it, and play your self-assigned role
(written by a Schuh)

A real geek would’ve thought of 15 different backstories. One greater than the previous.

lore schmlore. Who cares about lore really? You start naked with a rock, and there’s loads of people running about killing eachother. If anything not having lore is better because they can literally do anything they like while developing the game. The lore is you have to survive on an island with wild animals and some areas with radiation leaks. What more is there to it? Just make your own lore up!