Amazing Work!

I have been watching people playing Rust, and the game just looks amazing for its current stage, keep up the awesome work! Wish I had a key though, haha.

Are you discreetly asking for a key?

you just had to get that key beg in there

lol, I’m not asking for a key, I just wish I was able to play the game, I’m going to be waiting until you can make some type of purchase or when it gets released to public :slight_smile:

make sure you ask mom before buying it though

Yea… Since I’m 23, I’m surely not able to buy a game… :slight_smile:

Lol, I don’t even know any credit card numbers/details so I kind of have to ask. :words:

holy shit

you’re literally 12

so young

doesn’t even know how to steal

Stealing is the most disrespectful thing I can think of.

Unless you’re playing Rust, in which case stealing is okay.