Ambassador Replacement (Joker's Gun)

Model ripped from:
Batman: Arkham Asylam

put in your Teamfortress2/tf folder

This is AWESOME, I wish I had Team Fortress 2.

Will this gun also be a GMOD model?

yeah, but it will most likely replace the original ambassador

Make a tutorial on how to rip models please.


Are my number one…


What! buy it noaw!

Looks hot, bro.


We’re broke right now, at least in funding for games. I am also having bad luck in finding The Orange Box in stores, I only see console versions. If I get TF2 I’m getting the rest of Orange Box with it…

Hey could you perhaps make:

For the Trophy hat, instead of the Straw hat?

If you can, PM me or add me to STEAM: SatanSin

Pretty well-made, tho I love the Amby so much I just can’t replace it.

I was expecting that 5 foot long revolver owned by the previous joker (Jack Nicholson?)…
But this is well made.

Yeah, it was Jack Nicholson:

^^ boom! Headshot!

all you have to do is rename the hat’s files the same as the trophybelts

Well done sir. :golfclap:

Not possible.

and edit the snipers bodygroups and break the facial animations.

Looks good, will download right away!

It looks fantastic, but the second image makes it look like it’s being pointed too far to the left.

it’s because of how long it is that makes it look like that
I though it was at first too but the ambassador, and this gun match up in direction they face

They make the gun move a bit, because the hand moves a bit. Idle animation, so the wielder doesn’t hold it straight and unmoving like a robot.