Ambassador Swep?

I know there are REVOLVER SWEPS…

But if one were to change the Revolver model with the Ambassador model, and maybe swap the sounds and tweak ammo etc etc…

If someone CAN do this, please reply. It could be awesome.


Reference, for those who might want something to build on:

To do it, you’ll need a set of v_models, which I can try to extract from the TF2 gcf. I can try to make something. I’ll let you know how I’m doing later.

OK, I found the c_models for the ambassador, but I don’t know if they’ll work the same way as v_models.

Well, it’s worth a shot?

Yea, I’m not sure if Lua recognizes a c_model as a model. I would give it a shot, though.

OK, I coded the thing, and there are some problems.
GOOD NEWS: Firing rate is correct, sound works, and the clip size is good.
BAD NEWS: The model shows up, but the model is the ambassador is fixed in the center of the screen.

I’ll post some screens of it if you want, and if I can, the code.

Edit: Pics:

OOH! CHANGE THE FOV! Wait, will that help?

Merge the c_spy_arms and the c_ambassador files.

Yay, so this is working out pretty well?

Certainly looks like it…

Wait, a disagree?

Yay :smiley:

How do I do that?

Epic bump ;__;

As soon as I figure out how to “Merge the c_spy_arms and the c_ambassador files” I will continue coding this and eventually the other unlockables. I posted a help request in another sub-forum, so sit tight, and keep watching for more updates.


You should make a thread in LUA Scripting :smiley:

I’m disappointed. You don’t trust me, right? Even thought you read my thread and saw what I have done, couldn’t you just wait a bit more?

Typical Kilburn :3: sorry i havnt been on much today, Stupid college ;-;

PS: C_models do work, you just need the right code.

If you know the code, could you make the Huntsman?
<3 the Huntsman

Oh my god, how did you do that? How’d you get the c_models to work correctly?

Well, _killburn, I have veeeeery bad patiance :3

Kilburn, that’s really nice and all, but your TF2 gamemode doesn’t look like it’ll be released anytime soon. What I would really like is if you told me how you got the c_models working, so I could make a SWEP pack of the TF2 unlocks. OR, if you are planning to do that outside of your gamemode, tell me, so I could help with coding or something. Thanks for the screen, too.