Ambient bird noises give me a headache

well i normally would approve of the background noise in rust but as anyone else found that sometimes its just too load and repetitive
and considering we never see any birds in rust the Ambient a little over board some times and can jet on your nerves

anyone else feel a bit this way or is it just me lol

ps when are we going to see any flying birds in rust anyway

There are certain birdcalls that really stand out, and once you get used to hearing it the loop starts to get pretty annoying. That being said if even 1 other thing is distracting me (like constant paranoia) I don’t notice it quite as much.

I think that the background noises are supposed to make you cray cray.

I run 6 quarries near a pumpjack. I can hear them all at once.
You do not know the meaning of pain.

I don’t know how you could experience it this way.
I think ambient noises like naturesounds, but also noises of other players and footsteps in general are to soft in comparison to gunfire and axes and such. Sure… it’s realistic to have these eardrumtearing loud, but is it desirable…
long story short, my volume is tuned to the loudest noises, making birds and such something I barely hear, let alone complain about them giving headages… Your soundsystem must be sooOoOoo LOUD! ! :smiley:

tweet tweet tweet in me lug hole with the same loops it pretty annoying sometimes,

i Iam not against ambient noises but these are not very well thought out

And to top it off Ive never seen any birds lol

like i said does anyone know it we are going to have any birds or at least any other animals

plus what happend to the rabbits ?

It still feels like someone complaining about the rattling sound of a screw while ignoring the sound of the diesel engine its attached to, to me :wink:

As for no birds… We have chickens :smiley:

I don’t hear chickens lol

I’m still not 100% happy with these and they’ll get tweaked more sometime soonish :slight_smile: I recently picked up a way better microphone than any I owned before and I’ve been collecting recordings of birds haha

I like it. The world feels alive. Frogs and bugs, the sound of running water and then this blood curdling TWEET!!! Tweeeeeet!!!

The only thing that drives me crazy is the woodpeeker

lol thats th one he he OMG

I don’t know about you guys, but I love it. It’s soothing. Though, they should probably add more variety.

I had a chicken in my stone foundations for a wipe once.

Omg that would drive me nuts ^

I would c4 my own base to kill that fucker

When you change stereo mode in game preferences, it was shutting up for a time:smug:

I go to bed with this one :D

well there should be thunder and lightening in rust that would be very atmospheric and then thoses dammmm woodpeckers may shut up for 10 mins