Ambient Maps Project

Hey guys!

I’m not new to the community, but rather new to posting. So bare with me if this is a little awful :v:

Apart from mapping, I work with my buddy Detective Nigbone on the show that him and I produce. Primarily though, I’m a mapper. I figured here would be a great spot to show off some of the recent levels I’ve produced for the show.
I’ll try my best to update this as often as I release content, so check back occasionally for some new screenshots or videos! Also at the end of each post I’ll list the credits for all the assets, models and textures I used.


If you do watch the show, don’t worry about these showcases spoiling anything. I design the scenes without the original scripts intention in mind, so no worries!

Okay, now for the meat!

The Underpass

Music: The Last of Us Soundtrack - Forgotten Memories

The Docks

Music: Having difficulty finding the song name, will update when found!

The Coast

Music: Having difficulty finding the song name, will update when found!

The House

Music: Nine Inch Nails - 13 Ghosts II


Models: Valve Software, No More Room in Hell team, Visceral Games, Missing Information Team, Bloocobalt, Black Mesa: Source Team, Simkas, LT_C, Fury_161, 600 Angry Bees, Rantis: Lord of Illiteracy, FSX
Materials: Valve Software, No More Room in Hell team, CGTextures, Dasmatze, SN, Nikke
Particles: Silly Pingwins

Thanks again for taking a look!

If any of you are curious about more of my work, I have a website with more content uploaded. But you can directly checkout THIS LINK and checkout my maps in their natural habitat, episodes 5 and 6 being the latest have utilized solely my maps.

So, let me know what ya think! Thanks and see you guys soon.

Looking good. I love how the production quality of the series has been put on an exponential curve thanks in no small part to your mapping work.

I’d like to see different experimentation in camera angles. All 3 videos show nearly the same exact angle.

You sweet, sweet man. Thank you for the kind words brotha.

You, clever bastard. Haha I did that without even noticing it, although admittedly I do love that type of static camera angle. Personally I like it a lot, but your suggestion is absolutely right.


This map was a joy to make in terms of lighting and atmosphere, setup a scene and gave the camera some movement. Whatcha think?

The House
Music: Nine Inch Nails - 13 Ghosts II

Where did you get the window models for the houses?

Looks like one of the Valve defaults. I’m almost certain I’ve used them before. Either in L4D or I know Half Life 2 has some similar.

Hey guys, been a little busy with some other things at the moment… But, I wanted to post some screenies of a map I had worked on a few months ago.

Albeit, the map is actually an NYPD precinct with some detailed buildings around it. But I figured I’d spruce it up with some tacti-cool :v: