Ambient sound of map bug on server

Hi everybody !

Since the update Garry’s Mod 14 April. My Garry’s Mod server encounter many bugs.
For example, the vehicle handbrake crashing the server.

But the most horrible thing is that the ambient sound of the map has changed. Now it is no longer a sound city but a sound of Ravenholm.

I try to recreate a server with sandbox mode, with nothing. But the sound is still present. I try to change the map, but another sound replaces the original.
In solo, everything works…

Here’s a video to show you my problem …

Can you help me please ?
Thank you in advance

Soundscapes will be fixed in the next update.

Ok thank’s :slight_smile:

Pending the update, is it possible to remove the ambient sound of the rp_evocity_v33x map ? Please

Only if it has a soundscape file in garrysmod/scripts. Otherwise, no dice.

How we can fix that problem?

I tried to upload the script
to scripts directory doesnt help…