ambient_generic broken after update?

Hey all,

I think I found a bug after the recent update today. I tested it on a blank map to confirm.
If you have multiple ambient_generics and name them something like:

  • mysound1
  • mysound2
  • mysound3

And they share sound files, no matter what you do mysound2 and mysound3 will play from the origin of mysound1.
I’m not sure if it has to do with the naming of the entities, or the fact that they all play the same sound.

Before you ask why someone would have a scenario like this, there are plenty of reasons. A common example is custom button sounds.

Can anyone else confirm this?

UPDATE: It seems that the entity names and sound files don’t actually matter, it’s affecting all of my sounds. And they’re not playing at the origin of the first sound, they’re playing at 0 0 0?
I’m starting to feel like this is a map-specific problem but I don’t know how to fix it. Please help?

Have you tried Source entity name? If it’s a custom button sound, why not have it play from whatever speaker or button you’re using?

No you’re not alone, I discovered this the other day too. From what I’ve inspected, the problem persists on older versions of my map that otherwise did not experience this problem. I am yet to check other maps, but as you said, sounds seem to all be playing at map origin. Not only this, but sounds all play at once on map load for a brief second or two which can be jarring. With that said, there are a few sounds that play at their rightful location. I am yet to discern what characteristics differ them from the ones that don’t, but they mostly seem to be triggered and non-looping. (could be because they have a source entity provided)

Whether this only affects official maps or not is to be discovered, but I am very certain this issue is related to the new update.

Yeah I’m getting this too. After the update, almost all of my ambient_generics broke, and they play for a brief second after I load the map. There’s no error messages in the console either.

Bug in recent updates, and it’s driving me crazy!