ambient_generic broken [Possible solution]

Hello, since the last update, ambient_generic sounds are playing on the map origin instead of the entity location.
I hope garry fixes this soon, but meanwhile, Is there anything we can do about this? Yes. Spam the shit out of the facepunch forums with request to fix it.

jk lol. do it if you want but it isn’t a good idea.

Now the real solution:

  1. Build your map away from the world origin.
  2. Place the ambient_generic away from your map, (near the origin perhaps?)
  3. Create an info_target where you want your sound to play. Give it a name.
  4. Set your ambient_generic “SourceEntityName” to the name of the info_target

That will fix the problem for now.

  • The sound will play at 2 locations (origin and at the info_target), that’s why you gotta put your map away.

I hope I helped you, if you know a better method please post it below.
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Welcome for FP! I kinda hoped that everyone would get this as it’s a pretty easy fix, but I saw yet another post about it today, and you beat me to it. :expressionless:

I was aware this worked, but I’m not going through all that over something that should be fixed.

This has been driving me completely nuts. I just thought the generics were broken.

Does it affect Gmod only?


This doesn’t seem to work for me, sounds still come from the origin of the map and not from the info_target.

Edit: I was doing it wrong haha. I didn’t know I had to check the “transmit to client” box. Thank you for the fix

I figured that out when making an elevator with a few extra sounds originating from the lift itself using ambient_generic. Really hope this gets fixed though. Don’t quite know how one could break it in the first place <.<

Also using a func_door for sounds works fine as a temp fix.
Just tell a Func_button or Trigger to Open the Func_door to Play the sound and Close to Stop the sound.
Of course make the door Nodraw and Passable so it doesn’t get in the way of the player.