Ambient_generic hearable even far away its range

My ambient_generic, a sound of Waterfall is hearable in metro thats like 30 metters away from it’s audiable range, sadly it’s even passing 3 walls

My ambient_generic settings

Play everywhere flag is unchecked !

IDK I havent played with this enough to know much but experiment with the LFO settings… also the max Audible distance is 182 which is in inches…

Why the fuck do you post if you don’t know then?

Also, just try lowering the volume and distance. It seems to me the sound goes out of it’s distance a little, so compensate for it.

“experiment with the LFO settings”

that is why

Make a new ambient_generic, delete the old one. Should fix…

If not, edit the sound file, it could be too loud. Also try turning the volume down…

Why would deleting the ambient_generic help at all?

Also, he wants to keep the volume and make the distance shorter. For that you can just edit the LFO settings. Loudness is not equal to range.

The question is, what should I change in LFO