Ambient_Generic Issue in CSGO SDK - File Missing from Disk/Repository

So I am having a very obnoxious issue with a map I have been making for like… a long time.

I have 5 custom sounds, each one plays correctly in SDK. Each file is in .Wav format, is loaded in with Pakrat, is at 44100 hz and 16 bit, each tied to an ambient_generic at 10 start volume and non looping. The Issue is that in game, the songs do one of two things: Cause massive lag and do not play a sound, or cause massive lag with the error “Soundname.wav is not found in disk/repository” or something similar.

My map file is VERY large, and that may be an issue that needs to be fixed. (BSP is at something along the lines of 12,275 KB)
It could be that the size and complexity of the sounds I am using are too large and are inflating the map too much. (nothing over 6 minutes, but each song is very bass heavy and are mashups with various complex sounds)
It could be some stupid brushwork issue that should not make any issue (cause I read that on some forum somewhere that simple Brushwork can screw up your ambieng_generics?)

Things I have tried:
About every combination of changing my Func_buttons and ambient generics to allow the sound to be played, and the other sounds to be stopped. Its currently set at
Outputs for the button for song_1 is set to: PlaySound for Song_1, Set Volume 0 for all other songs. One set of ambient generics for each sound, at no more than 500 distance, not set to loop, not set to play everywhere, but are set to start at the beginning of map.

Deleting my Sound.Cache File and re-validating my CSGO files. This did Nothing.

*Using .mp3, .wav, diffferent HZ and bitrate formats. I have tried .mp3 (getting cant create mixer errors as expected), .wav @ 44100hz and 32 bitrate, .wav @ 44100hz and 16 bit rate, and .wav @ 220-whatever-it-is and 16 bit rate.

So I guess I am asking this:

What are some good ways of reducing the size of my map, and will this make my sounds playable


How can I get my sounds to work correctly, what am I doing wrong.


Is this just an issue with CSGO and I should just for-go any attempts at using ambient_generics for custom songs in an JailBreak map period and re-model that part of the map to be something else. (like death-crate or something like that)

Does it lag in a 512512512 map?

It plays the sounds correctly in the 512 box map I just tested it on. I am going to double check all of my outputs to make certain

The outputs I was using were as follows for each button

Button for Song_1

Onpressed - Song_1 -PlaySound
Onpressed -Song_2 -Volume - 0
Onpressed - Song_3 - Volume -0
Onpressed - Song_4 - Volume -0
Onpressed - song_5 - Volume - 0

should i be adding in a “stopsound” for each song not being played, as well as a “volume-10” for the song that is to be played?

Yes, stop sounds not in use.