ambient_generic not looping

So I wanted to make a button that loops the citadel alarm sound until pressed again, but it won’t loop. Is not looped is unchecked and I set it to toggle the sound when pressed but it’s not looping, it just plays once and doesn’t play again. How can I make it loop the sound until pressed again?

Sounds that can loop need to have cues. Download goldwave and add one at the start and the end of your sound

But the sound I’m using is looped and from half life 2, it should already be looped. It even says looped in the name.

You may want to check if the audio file actually has any cues. Also an important thing to note is that mp3 files cannot be looped.

I just checked the file in hl2, and it is .wav, has loop in the name, but does not appear to have any cues. Will adding cues make it so you have to download it as a custom sound when on the workshop?

You can make it loop using logic_relays and a logic_timer, here’s a prefab for it