ambient_generic sequence

Hi, I’m making a Portal 2 Co-Op race and I wanted to insert “The part where he kills you” in my map. So I have 3 ambient_generic, volume 5, not looped, play everywhere. Can I make a looped sequence of these 3 sounds?

The sequence is: 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3… and it must continue endlessly until I stop it manually.
How can I make this? Thanks a lot! :downs:

If you know the exact length of the audio track for each one you’re using, such as “0:12.59 seconds”, then you can set it up with a logic_timer. You can use a logic_relay as well, but it won’t be as effective as the logic_timer.

Name: loopsounds01
Refire Interval: (set to whatever the time is of the last ending sound in outputs)

  • OnTimer, Sound01, playsound, 00.00
  • OnTimer, Sound02, playsound, 12.59
  • OnTimer, Sound01, playsound, 28.34
  • OnTimer, Sound03, playsound, and so on.

Keep in mind if the sounds you’re using have a loop point coded into the WAV through a WAV editor, you will need to add “StopSound” outputs. Otherwise playsound will be sufficient.


Now, if you want to make the timer disabled, you need a trigger or a button. Add these two outputs to it:

  • OnTrigger(OnPressed), loopsounds01, disable

Unfortunately, all sounds will continue to play until the timer has been completely used… The only way around this is to use a chain of logic_timers, or a chain of logic_relay.